Bunkheads is a zombie series on Amazon Prime Video. Season 1 consists of just 6 micro-episodes so you can watch it in about one hour. This is a low-budget indie production that’s full of heart and passion. Also, humor is the driving force in this horror comedy. Read more in our review!

Bunkheads is a zombie series on Amazon Prime Video. The series is in the horror-comedy niche, which is always a good choice when you’re working with a limited budget.

So is having a dedicated cast and people with passion and heart for the project at hand. This is definitely something Bunkheads has in spades!

Season 1 consists of six 10-minute episodes which means you can watch the entire season in around one hour. Read our review below to learn more about the new zombie survival horror comedy on Amazon Prime Video.

A small but fierce cast

During the first few episodes, you’ll get to know the characters pretty well. This results in you anticipating their reactions later on. Even though the entire season 1 is just around one hour long, you really do feel that you get to know these characters.

And yes, of course, they’re stereotypical in many ways. No more than the cast of Friends were though. Each character has a set of ethics and priorities that you’ll get familiar with from the very beginning.

The four characters in Bunkheads are Dani, Cash, Kip, and Matt. Don’t worry, we do get to see a few more characters along the way as well (mostly in flashbacks). But everything does naturally revolve around these four.

Dani is portrayed by Carly Turro who makes Dani come across as both fierce and kind. Dani is no push-over but she isn’t the bitchy type either. Cash is played by Khalif Boyd who you may have seen as a guest star on Criminal Minds.

Kip is probably the most annoying (but sometimes also endearing) character and he’s played perfectly by Chris O’Brien. Finally, we have Josh Covitt as Matt, who is definitely the most levelheaded and laidback of the four. 

Bunkheads Season 1 Amazon Prime Zombie Series

This is 100% horror-comedy

As with all horror-comedy, the horror part is often about the situation our characters find themselves in. And it often features zombies such as in Shaun of the Dead or Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Or even the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet.

This means comedy because the driving force is dialogue and plot-twists while the horror elements are more of a backdrop.

Also, you have to let go of the obvious question; Why don’t their hair situation change at all during this long period. Who cares?! This should be much more of an issue with a sci-fi drama show like The Rain on Netflix, but few people seem to care. Also, on everything from Lost to The Walking Dead, women somehow seem to always be able to shave their legs and pits. 

In other words, this is just for fun, so let it go and ask these questions where they’re actually relevant!

Having said that, with Dani as the only female character, the obvious question does actually come up; “What if the four of us are actually the only people left and have to re-populate the planet?”

Not to worry, Dani has a plan. A pretty damn solid and well thought-out plan, actually.

Watch Season 1 of Bunkheads on Amazon Prime Video!

The creator of Bunkheads is Will Gong. Apart from one short film from 2002, this is the first IMDb listed writing credit for Will Gong. Previously, Gong has worked various jobs as an editor on TV movies, TV documentaries, and on HBO First Look teasers.

The director of all six Bunkheads episodes is Lauren Klixbull. This is her debut as a director but she too has worked productions in other capacities. Mostly as a production designer. 

To me, both the writing and directing worked perfectly for the format of Bunkheads. I really couldn’t have asked for more. Whenever things felt like they might be going too far, the script and directing pulled it all back in. Rather impressively actually. This micro-series shows a lot more potential than many feature films, we’ve reviewed on this website.

If you’re a fan of zombie horror comedies, then be sure to check out Bunkheads on Amazon Prime Video. And please do it soon so we can get word of Season 2 being greenlit.

Bunkheads is out on Amazon Prime Video now.


Creator: Will Gong
 Lauren Klixbull
Cast: Josh Covitt, Carly Turro, Khalif Boyd, Chris O’Brien


A group of four lovable goofballs: an oddball teacher, a floundering actress, a techie workout warrior, and an immature wannabe rapper. You may think the hordes of undead are the biggest threat during a zombie apocalypse, but annoying roommates can be almost as much trouble.

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