AN EXQUISITE MEAL is a new horror, thriller, comedy hybrid made in a distinctly Buñuelian style. Full of poignant observations, it’s very entertaining. It’ll definitely keep you guessing. Read our full An Exquisite Meal movie review here!

AN EXQUISITE MEAL is a new horror, thriller, comedy hybrid made in a Buñuelian style. It’ll definitely keep you guessing about most things. Personally, I was very entertained. Yes, even though I wanted more from the ending, which is a bit abrupt.

Then again, I can’t say what would have made for a better ending.

Also, while you might guess about many things, you will know what the “exquisite meal” consists of. Especially, since it’s mentioned several times. Always with more details to sell it even better. Like a running joke of sorts. That’s the kind of thing I really enjoy, so I was very pleased.

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What the hell is in the oven?

The inspiration from the work of iconic Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel is no secret. In the PR material, it’s even described as a Buñuelian horror-thriller. And yes, that is certainly a description that is on point. We’re talking avant-garde surrealism and elements that will shock the viewer.

For me, it was all part of the entertainment, and the burning question continued to be: What the hell is in the oven?!

I loved the cast and the quirky characters. From the very first dialogue exchanges, you know that this movie wants to play with storytelling and character as well as the viewer.

An Exquisite Meal – Review | Buñuelian Horror-Thriller

Satire at its sharpest

It’s all one big social commentary and I’m sure most of us will find something familiar in at least one of the characters. I know I definitely did. In more than one of the characters.

Overall, you’ll experience many strange events and comments throughout the absurdly terrifying dinner party. Mostly, An Exquisite Meal is a deliciously sharp satirical genre-bending journey.

And yes, it is constantly full of very interesting observations about the world we’re living in right now.

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Robert Bruce Carter is the writer and director of this little genre treat. Also, the fact that this is the feature film debut for Robert Bruce Carter (after five short films) promises great things for the future of this filmmaker. And for us as viewers, of course.

This is told as part horror and part comedy. Plus a whole lot of relatable dialogue (often by way of satire). All of which is the recipe for one very entertaining dinner party. Well, except for the actual “dinner” part that seems to be ever eluding its guests.

Officially, this is described as a “darkly playful Buñuelian nightmare that’s full of punchlines and twists”. Well, An Exquisite Meal definitely delivers on that description. Also, with a runtime of just around one hour, it’s worth checking out. Just don’t expect to get all the answers, you might hope for.

AN EXQUISITE MEAL will be available On Demand and Digital on December 28, 2021, from Gravitas Ventures.


Director: Robert Bruce Carter
Writer: Robert Bruce Carter
Stars: Mike Jimerson, Amrita Dhaliwal, Victoria Nugent, Ross Magyar, Mark Pracht, Emily Marso, Bassam Abdelfattah, Siddhartha Rajan, Luke Johnson


An affluent couple hosts a dinner party for friends, promising them an amazing meal. As the night goes on, uninvited guests arrive, wine flows, and dinner is strangely delayed.

When the party is interrupted by a shocking diversion, one of the guests goes off on his own and discovers something unexpected about what’s being served for dinner.

As identities unravel, the host tries to maintain control of his carefully orchestrated evening as the party descends into violence, bizarre sexual escapades, and the absurd.

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