#ALIVE is a new Netflix zombie movie from South Korea (org. title #Saraitda). The story isn’t entirely original, but it does work extremely well. This is actually a remake of a US movie due out this October. Read more in our full #Alive review here!

#ALIVE is a Netflix zombie movie that’s all about trying to survive the zombie apocalypse while being all alone. Well, for a while anyway, since our main protagonist is trapped (and mostly safe) inside his own apartment.

Also, it has an awesome actor in the lead role. The relatively young Yoo Ah-in was brilliant in Burning (2018) and while this character isn’t as deep, he is simply brilliant. Clumsy and childish at times, but all heart. Yoo Ah-in is also the kind of actor who manages to draw you in and keep you engaged with the struggles of his character.

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A familiar zombie apocalypse story

#Alive is from South Korea (org. title #Saraitda), but it is actually a remake of the 2020 US movie Alone starring Tyler Posey. As fate, or Corona, would have it, this remake is now being released first with the US original set for release in October 2020.

However, if you’ve watched the French movie The Night Eats the World then this new zombie story won’t feel all that original to you. In fact, if you like #Alive then you really need to check out the movie from France. It’s not better than this, but it covers a similar plot in a different way (more depressing in a slow-burn way).

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I didn’t expect to enjoy this South Korean movie as much as I did, since I felt like I had seen this story before. However, I think many will prefer this version to the French movie with a similar plot.

#Alive – Review | Netflix Zombie Movie | Saraitda

South Korean zombie movies

In terms of zombie movies from South Korea, this one also has a few similarities with Train to Busan. Mostly when it comes to the actual zombies, who are fast and crazy. Also, they retain quite a bit of logic and knowledge, which is a huge issue, when you fight them.

Also, #Alive does deal with the whole “good versus evil” when it comes to survival. Some people fight for one another while other survivors see strangers as expendable. In a struggle against zombies, human beings should team-up.

However, any fan of zombie movies and series knows that human beings tend to be more dangerous than zombies.

I would probably still say that Train to Busan is a better zombie movie, but not by much. And #Alive is definitely better than the Train to Busan sequel Peninsula (2020) since the storyline overall is much stronger. 

Watch #Alive on Netflix now!

Il Cho is the director and writer of #Alive. However, the movie is based on the Alone screenplay by Matt Naylor, so he is obviously credited with writing the story as well.

This is the first feature film for Il Cho as both writer and director. He did make a short film back in 2011 and since then has worked a lot as an assistant director. I know I’m familiar with at least one of the movies he worked on in that capacity. A very interesting (and accomplished) movie titled The Suspect from 2013.

If you’ve watched The Night Eats the World (or the very interesting Zoo by Antonio Tublén), then the plot of #Alive will feel quite familiar. However, I definitely feel #Alive also offers something new and relevant. More so, I suspect, than the US version will. However, that obviously remains to be seen.

Bottom line: Do check out #Alive on Netflix. It’s a cool zombie movie about being trapped inside your own home during the zombie apocalypse. It seems almost perfect for release during the still very active pandemic going on right now. Also, the lead character (played brilliantly by Yoo Ah-in) carries this story perfectly!

#Alive is out on Netflix from September 8, 2020.


Director: Il Cho
Writers: Il Cho (screenplay), Matt Naylor
Stars: Ah-In Yoo, Shin-Hye Park, Hyun-Wook Lee, Bae-soo Jeon


The rapid spread of an unknown infection has left an entire city in ungovernable chaos, but one survivor remains alive in total isolation. #ALIVE is his story.

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