A mother stops at nothing to get her kidnapped son back in the first trailer for KIDNAP starring a fierce Halle Berry.

I’ll admit it; I was kinda scared of Halle Berry when I watched the trailer for Kidnap. There’s no doubt she’s portraying a woman, who would do anything to get her son back. And I can relate to that! Obviously, that means I’m watching this trailer and thinking “Hell yeah, go kill the bastard and I’ll help you hide the body!”

This isn’t a horror movie – though I’m sure everyone can agree it’s pretty scary to have a child kidnapped. Instead, this is listed as a thriller, which seems to have a lot of action going on as well. Of course, since we cover horror, thriller and sci-fi, we’re happy to keep you updated on this kind of movie as well.

Kidnap is directed by Luis Prieto (Pusher, Z Nation) and based on a script by Knate Lee – or Knate Gwaltney, which seems to be the name he’s using now. He has another movie coming out next month, which he both wrote and directed.

It’s called Cardboard Boxer and even though it’s his debut as screenwriter and director, it features some pretty big names. Check it out over at IMDb here, if you haven’t heard of it yet. He’s also an executive producer on Kidnap.

Other than Halle Berry – though she is clearly the star of the movie – the cast features Robert Walker Branchaud, who had guest starring roles on Stranger Things and American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Also, there’s Dana Courier (Django UnchainedThe Hateful Eight) and Lew Temple (The Devil’s Rejects), so plenty of faces you’ll recognize.

Kidnap is premiering in US theatres December 2, 2016.

Watch the trailer below:

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