AFTERMATH (2021) is a new horror mystery on Netflix that is based on a combination of several true stories. Get the info on the real stories behind the Netflix horror movie Aftermath right here! **Spoilers**

AFTERMATH (2021) is out on Netflix in most countries now, and it claims it is based on a true story. We get that a lot, but this one is actually real. Though the movie is based on a combination of several true stories!

Of course, this article contains spoilers for the Aftermath movie.


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Aftermath (2021) is based on a true story. Or several! And you can get the true stories behind Aftermath (2021) below.

The real story behind the harassment in Aftermath

In Aftermath the couple starts getting harassed with unwanted orders being placed in their name, charged to their credit card. They receive porn magazine subscriptions they didn’t order as well as other expensive stuff.

In 2011 real-life couple Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter experienced the same thing after they bought their dream home in San Diego.

They got unwanted magazine subscriptions, and their house kept getting enlisted for sale. Someone also put in an online ad for Janice as an adult entertainer, which resulted in a rape attempt. So they put up surveillance cameras and they caught the perpetrator.

Watch the video below by ABC News to get the real story.

Living inside the walls

In Aftermath (2021) it turns out that the perpetrator is living inside the walls of the house. That is a real nightmare and it happened in real life!

In 1986 Daniel LaPlante harassed two girls from inside the house, dressing up as the girls’ dead mother and writing bloody messages on their walls. In the end, he threatened them with a hatchet, and when their dad showed up, he vanished. It turned out, he was living inside the walls where he had made peepholes to watch them.

The worst part is that he eventually got out of prison and ended up murdering 3 people!

Read the full story of Daniel LaPlante here.

You can also watch a video about his story below.

So yes, Aftermath (2021) is based on more than one true story. It shows that real-life stories are worse than any horror movie.

You can watch AFTERMATCH (2021) on Netflix now.

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