Love, Death & Robots is a new animated anthology series coming to Netflix. The anthology is produced by David Fincher and Tim Miller.

Love, Death & Robots will be a Netflix anthology produced by two great names in our beloved genre. First, the director of one of my favorite movies of all time; Se7en. I am, of course, talking about David Fincher. Second, Tim Miller who brought us Deadpool and the upcoming Terminator 6.

The Netflix anthology show will cover the genres sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and comedy.

Producer Tim Miller states in a press release:

Love, Death & Robots is my dream project. It combines my love of animation and amazing stories.

Midnight movies, comics, books and magazines of fantastic fiction have inspired me for decades, but they were relegated to the fringe culture of geeks and nerds of which I was a part.

I’m so fucking excited that the creative landscape has finally changed enough for adult-themed animation to become part of a larger cultural conversation.”

Love, Death & Robots image gallery

Click the image below to view teasers from some of the Love, Death & Robots shorts on Netflix.

Love, Death & Robots will feature 18 animated shorts on Netflix

The Netflix show will consist of 18 shorts with anything from sentient dairy products and werewolf soldiers to alien spiders.

Season 1 has a total runtime of 185 minutes. Each short story is 5-15 minutes, and has a “unique animation style, from traditional 2D to photo-real 3D CGI”.

A different set of filmmakers will be making the shorts. All of which are “aimed at an adult audience.” But who those filmmakers are, we don’t know yet.

Love, Death & Robots will be out on Netflix from March 15, 2019. Watch the trailer below!

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