I think we can all agree that horror movies with creepy kids are really scary. But what about some of the real-life horror stories about kids and their make-believe friends?

Read some really scary stories from Reddit, that appeared after an mom wrote the forum and asked for other people’s stories from their kids.

First up is a story from an adult remembering a horror story experience from their own childhood.


Next, a sweet little dinner table conversation that pretty much turned into a threat.


Though really, isn’t it more scary when the kids don’t know you’re listening? This is a good example of that being the case.


And you can’t really help but love it, when a horror movie helps the kid make sense of it all… well, sorta, anyway.


Can you pass on a ghost to your kid? This next story certainly makes it sound that way.


This is one of those horror stories from kids that has been used in several movies. Creepy!


Once again, a movie helped a kid tell their own horror story. Or, more accurately, the story of their own death!


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