Want the No One Will Save You ending explained? We’ve tried to answer the most asked questions about the Hulu Sci-fi Horror movie (on Disney+ internationally). Here’s our take on the No One Will Save You ending. *SPOILERS*

How about that No One Will Save You ending, huh?! Want the Hulu /Disney+ Sci-fi Horror movie No One Will Save You ending explained? We’ve been looking into it and we’ve got you covered. Especially since the director has been kind enough to weigh in as well.

When we started watching the screener of this new Hulu sci-fi horror movie, before it was released on Hulu, we knew there would be questions. Since its release, we’ve seen multiple questions regarding the No One Will Save You ending and plot. People tend to love the whole sci-fi horror action galore of the movie. The ending, however, has got viewers puzzled.

Obviously, this post will be full of spoilers regarding key plot elements from No One Will Save You.

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No One Will Save You​ ending explained

Let’s get into the No One Will Save You ending by answering some of the most asked questions. Maybe we’ll answer a few of yours along the way, as well.

In an interview with Inverse, Brian Duffield explained what No One Will Save You‘s shocking ending means.

Why does everyone hate Brynn?

While still just a child, Brynn had a fight with her best friend, Maude. In a moment of anger, she grabs a rock and hits Maude with it. The blow lands very unfortunate and kills Maude on the spot.

Not only has Brynn lost her best (and maybe only) friend but she is now shunned by everyone else in town.

Also, Maude’s dad is the town Sheriff which does not help, when Brynn is in dire need of help as the alien invasion begins.

Who survives in No One Will Save You?

Well, survival is a matter of perspective. Many of the people are still walking around, but they’ve been infected by aliens who are essentially in charge. In that sense, only Brynn is still alive as a human being.

Note that the title is also No One WILL Save You. Not “No One Can Save You”. This is a huge clue to what kind of life Brynn is living.

For Brynn, the only way to survive is to fight for herself, which the aliens seem to recognize.

Does Brynn survive in the end, or is it just a dream?

Brynn does survive. Of course, everyone else is now infected by aliens, so she’s the only real human left. As the camera pulls back, we see spaceships hovering as far as the eye can see. This seems to indicate that not only is this small town infected, but the whole world is probably invaded by aliens.

Why did the aliens let Brynn go?

The aliens experience the pain Brynn feels. Both from having taken the life of her best friend, Maude, but also in a life where everyone acts as if she doesn’t exist. The aliens allow her to live in a world, where she can finally be part of society again.

Again, this new “society” consists of human beings infected by alien parasites. Still, it’s a huge upgrade from the world Brynn knew.

Also, let’s be real, Brynn was kicking Alien butt. Every kind of alien they sent after her, was struggling. So why not join forces?!

Brynn was never really on the side of the humans as they had shunned her. The aliens end up accepting her.

What’s with the alien parasites?

When a parasite is placed in a human being, that human becomes an alien and is part of the alien invasion. The alien parasites are how the aliens take over – infest and invade – the world. Not much different than in Alien, where the face-huggers make sure their victims are “impregnated” with a little baby alien that will later shoot out through their chest.

If anything, the alien parasites are a much milder version of this. Also, the alien parasites are part of a hive mind of sorts. This results in all human knowledge being shared among the aliens. The whole “know thy enemy” is key, as the infested humans are unwillingly sharing all they know.

Why does Brynn dance in the end?

The quick answer is simply this; Because she can!

When Brynn meets anyone earlier in the movie, they all ignore her. In the ending of No One Will Save You, Brynn can finally interact with other beings again. Alien-infected human beings, but still. She dances with the very same neighbor, who rolled his eyes and turned his back on her in the beginning.

And she dances with him because now she finally can.

Also, it seems to be a huge indication that she is finally happy and free. She has forgiven herself as the process of reliving everything (because the aliens were going through her memories) made her finally deal with it.

No One Will Save You ending explained

Could the No One Will Save You ending be a dream?

According to the writer and director of the movie, Brian Duffield, he had so much empathy with Brynn, that he wanted her to finally be happy. He doesn’t feel that a dream would truly heal Brynn, so that isn’t the ending he was going for.

Also, the only words actually spoken in the movie are Brynn telling Maude that she’s sorry. Coming to terms with what she did and also forgiving herself in the process. She was a child and it was a spur-of-the-moment action that had fatal consequences.

In his mind, Brynn gets a happy ending which a dream wouldn’t be. A dream would just be another trick of the mind, just like writing letters to her dead friend. We see all the letters Brynn has been writing to Maude for years in the room upstairs.

That’s it. We hope the above little Q&A helped explain any questions you had about the No One Will Save You​ending or plot. 

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