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Life (4/5)

Life is practically a tribute to the greatest horror sci-fi movie of all time: Alien. However, it manages to deliver a unique story to the extent that it’s one of the best in its genre! It almost feels as if Life came out of nowhere. Of course, we’ve known about the movie for a while and loved every scrap of information or image, we could get our eyes on. But really, it wasn’t until the Life trailer came out that we had any idea what to truly expect. Up until that point, I was a bit nervous about what the plot and drive would...

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Pandora (3/5)

Pandora is a nuclear disaster movie without all the Hollywood hero frills. The characters react in realistic ways and – just like in real life – there are no quick fixes. Pandora is out worldwide on Netflix now! I love a good disaster movie and Pandora certainly delivers on that. Usually, the reason I love disaster movies is the fact that I consider myself lucky to have avoided any huge disasters so far. Also, they tend to have a somewhat happy ending. In other words, they tend to take you to the brink of dispair and then show you the way to...

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House on Willow Street (2/5)

House on Willow Street could have been so much more. The potential is certainly there but, unfortunately, the cliches take over completely. I really hoped House on Willow Street (or From a House on Willow Street) would be a wonderful ride into demonic madness. I even tried to stay positive a lot longer than I usually would. Unfortunately, my patience only lasts for so long and I had to give up. The basic story is simply too lazy. And the lines these actors are saying? I doubt even Meryl Streep could’ve made them seem legit. The very beginning of House on Willow...

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Galaxy of Horrors (3/5)

Galaxy of Horrors is a new horror anthology, but honestly, it’s not like we can get enough of them. And this one even reminds us of the amazing Black Mirror TV show. The premise of the Galaxy of Horrors anthology is a man trapped in space, who gets forced to watch these horror shorts. Not the worst situation, you might think, but he pays for this “in flight entertainment” with life sustainable power. Unfortunately, he can’t remember the password to stop the entertainment. As these anthology movies go, the Galaxy of Horrors take on the tie-in really works for me. Many of the...

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Get Out (5/5)

Get Out is as scary as it is relevant. Jordan Peele has managed to create a brilliant horror movie with a perfect touch of sarcasm to keep its audience on edge! When I first watched the Get Out trailer, I knew this movie would either win me over completely or disappoint me disastrously. Well, if you’ve read any reviews for Get Out or heard the buzz, then you’ll know this movie delivers. Not only did I absolutely love Get Out, I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t at the very least like it. A lot! Yes, it truly is that good. It’s one of the...

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