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Alien: Covenant (4/5)

Alien: Covenant absolutely delivers on blood, horror, and lots of impressive aliens. The latest movie in the franchise is a tribute to the original Alien while building on the knowledge from Prometheus. Alien: Covenant might be the latest movie in the Alien franchise. However, chonologically speaking, it takes place 10 years after Prometheus. In other words, we’re still in the prequel world of the original 1979 Alien story. The publicity for Alien: Covenant has been pretty focused on Katherine Waterson’s character. It would seem like she’s supposed to be the “new” Ripley (Sigourney Weaver’s iconic character). She definitely manages to deliver an intense and real portrait, but her storyline...

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Dead Awake (2/5)

Dead Awake started out well but ended up being extremely stereotypical in its plot. However, there are several solid elements and plenty of potential. The main focus in Dead Awake is sleep paralysis, which in itself is pretty damn scary. Maybe that’s why this movie really does start out pretty well. The characters are interesting and engaging, so we care about them. That’s not unimpressive when we only get very little information about them. Unfortunately, the characters quickly end up as stereotypical horror versions of real people. This is perhaps the biggest problem with Dead Awake. However, another issue is the...

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Beyond the Gates (4/5)

Beyond the Gates is a true little horror gem and it’s out on Netflix now! Made with an old school 80s vibe, it stars Barbara Crampton in a role perfect for her. Without oversimplifying Beyond the Gates too much, I can’t help but want to describe it using a few other popular titles. Imagine if Jumanji and The Ring got together and made a horror love child. That’s pretty much what the plot in Beyond the Gates can deliver on. Oh, and sure, you can throw in a little Evil Dead vibe for good measure. Just to get that crazy 80s horror vibe in there....

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Voice from the Stone (2/5)

Voice from the Stone has the perfect horror setting with a creepy old castle. Unfortunately, it turns into a twisted romance towards the end! The trailer for Voice from the Stone definitely gives away too much. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with lots of movies recently. Still, this movie does offer a lot more than the trailer. Just not always in a good way. Emilia Clarke is the star of the movie, even if it doesn’t really deserve her. In case you can’t place the name, Emilia Clarke plays the feisty little blonde badass with pet dragons on Game of...

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Within (3/5)

Within is also known as Crawlspace which is almost as big a spoiler as the trailer. Still, the movie is classic horror entertainment with a super creepy villain! The villain is definitely one of the best things in Within (which also goes by the title Crawlspace). That’s not to say he’s the only good thing about the movie. Within is absolutely a decent horror movie with all the classic tricks. I might be getting ahead of myself here, but I have to mention the ending. No, I’m not going to spoil it for you. I simply wanted to mention that the ending...

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