No matter how crazy or extravagant you want your Halloween costume to be, you can get far by being creative – and without breaking the bank

Here are some of the best costumes we’ve come across. many of them are cheap to make, which is why we’ve called this collection Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas.

Happy Halloween… You’re welcome!

Click any image to see a bigger version of the picture and – of course – the Halloween costume.

The basic form of dressing up

First up are the simple things you can do with a plain white T-shirt, a sheet or some gauze. Fun for the whole family!

Make-up is your best and cheapest friend

You can get very far with your Halloween costume by applying make-up in all the right ways. Want to look like a zombie or a vampire, then just start by making your face extremely pale. Of course, some people have crazy, awesome skills and can take it a few steps further.

Inspired by your favorite horror movie

It’s always an obvious choice to be inspired by your favorite horror movies. If you put on a hockey mask, then your Jason Voorhees costume is almost done. Of course, you could also go for some of the more quirky options for a Halloween costume, like the ones featured here.

Okay, the very last one isn’t horror movie related, but it is pretty damn creepy to many people (especially those of the male variety).

The advanced – but still cheap – Halloween costume options

Okay, admittedly, not everyone can pull these off. But if you know someone with extra skills in the make-up department, they probably have an idea. Also, people who make awesome cake decorations tend to be able to help with these kinds of Halloween costumes.

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